Church Payroll Solutions is a great example of an outsourcing organization that can help churches be more efficient which allows more time for their employees to concentrate on their ministry. You will find below the benefits of outsourcing your church payroll instead of using an in house system.

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Churches can dramatically reduce the payroll processing costs by outsourcing. There is no need to keep a part time or full time employee dedicated to the task. It is no longer necessary to invest in the payroll software, training, and maintenance required to do payroll in-house. The total cost of ownership of an in-house payroll processing system can be considerable – even for a small church.

Direct Deposit
Most payroll services enable the churches to offer direct deposit to its employees. This can be difficult for many in-house payroll systems. Direct deposit is very popular and is the most requested feature with employees.

Errors in payroll can be costly – and painful – for both the employee and the church. Nearly half of all churches incur IRS fines for late or inaccurate filings. Church Payroll Solutions have sophisticated systems in place to avoid errors.

Payroll gets done on time without excuses. Vacations and illnesses won’t affect payroll quality or timeliness. No more explaining to employees why their payroll checks aren’t ready on time.

Using a payroll firm for outsourcing your payroll will free people to do work that provides better outcome to their ministry. In most churches, “doing payroll” is a task no one wants. No more W2 errors!

All payroll information stays confidential within the outside payroll provider which eliminates the possibility of payroll fraud.

Peace of Mind
Outside payroll providers are reliable. They also keep up with all the latest IRS regulations. Your church payroll advisor is a specialist who knows and stays current on all federal, state and clergy tax law in a way that a church can’t. They alleviate the concentration of one person who might leave the church, or simply be ill or on vacation. The peace of mind that comes with using a professional payroll organization to handle your payroll services can be priceless. 

Outsourcing reduces the complexity and risk of running your church payroll by keeping you up-to-date with tax rates and regulatory information. Gain peace of mind along with running your church payroll and taxes efficiently.

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