Can all church employees qualify for housing allowance?

Q. Can all church employees qualify for housing allowance? A. No. Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code allows only a “minister of the gospel” to have a housing allowance. Thus, only taxpayers who are serving as clergy under IRS rules for tax purposes are eligible for a housing allowance. These rules state that the…

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Clergy Housing Allowance

Clergy Housing Allowance Ministers who own their home can not only take advantage of the housing allowance by including mortgage payments as housing expenses but also can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes on their itemized deductions. This is often referred to as a “double deduction. Once ministers pay off their mortgages, however, they can…

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Limitations on the Housing Allowance

Limitations on the Housing Allowance After reading about the Housing or Parsonage / Manse Allowance, you may be thinking, “if I designate my entire salary as a Housing Allowance, would it all be excluded from federal income taxes?” IRS has already addressed this by limiting the Allowance to the least of the following: 1. The…

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Mid-Year – Housing Allowance Review

Mid-Year Review of Housing Allowance Designations Perhaps the most beneficial tax benefit available to a minister is the clergy housing allowance, which allows a minister to exclude permissible housing expenses from taxable income. Now that that the current year is more than half over, it is a good time for churches and their ministers to…

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The Parsonage Allowance

IRC § 107 provides an exclusion from gross income for a “parsonage allowance,” housing specifically provided as part of the compensation for the services performed as a minister of the gospel. This includes the rental value of a home furnished to him or her as part of compensation or a housing allowance, to the extent…

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What is the housing allowance?

A licensed, commissioned, or ordained minister who performs ministerial services as an employee may be able to exclude from gross income the fair rental value of a home provided as part of compensation (a parsonage) or a housing allowance provided as compensation if it is used to rent or otherwise provide a home. A minister…

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Guide to Clergy Compensation

Clergy Status is a person who has been granted ecclesiastical authority by an association, denomination, or state through the rite of ordination, commissioning, or licensing. 1. Generally, an ordained minister has a Master of Divinity from an accredited theological school and is recognized through the rite of ordination to preach and teach the gospel, to…

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