Capital Gain/Losses

This worksheet allows you to calculate gains and losses on investments.

Charitable Donation

Keep track of items donate, date donated and value of donated property.

Checkbook Register

Track your deposits and withdrawls on varies checking/saving accounts.

Expense Report

A ledger of travel expenses that can be submitted for reimbursement. Including: airfare, lodging, ground transportation, meals/tips, seminar expenses, mile and miscellaneous.

Event Budget

Keep track of expenses for church/professional events.

Household Monthly Budget

Track your monthly household expenses.

Investment Ledger

Calculate loss/gain on stocks,bonds, mutual fundsand minority interests.

Medical Expenses

Keep track of your medical expenses incurred during the year.

Mileage Log

Keep track of your professional mileage in this easy to use ledger.

Payroll Spreadsheet

Listing of your employees and their hourly wage, tax status, federal allowancesm state tax, federal tax, social security tax, medicare tax, tax withheld, insurance deductions and other regular deductions.