Enrollment Timeline

Step 1:   secure
Organization Verification  

Step 2:   secure
Organization Enrollment  

Step 3:   secure
Employee/Contractor Enrollment 

Step 4:    secure
Employee/Contractor’s Direct Deposit Enrollment 

Step 5:
Upload year-to-date payroll history  

Step 6:
Payroll compliance review (at least 7 days before 1st payday)

Step 7:
Payroll training (at least 3 days before 1st payday)

For more information or if you additional assistance, please use the contact information below.

Tel: (763) 425-8778 
Fax: 1 (888) 876-5101
Email: payroll@clergyfinancial.com

Step 1 - Organization Verification

The online enrollment system contains information related to your organization. Please complete and submit ASAP. Clergy Financial Resources will begin the payroll and electronic enrollment process when the organization form is submitted.

Please fill out the forms to the best of your ability. We’ll have the opportunity to review everything and make edits to the data during the Compliance Review.

As part of compliance requirements, we are required to verify certain aspects of the church’s operation including authorized representative, FEIN, and bank account.

The below link will allow you to upload the following documents:

  • Authorized Individuals Driver’s License
  • Church Bank Account Statement
  • Proof of Federal EIN (Acceptable documents include: IRS Form SS-4, Corporate Tax Return (Signed), Payroll Tax Return (Signed), 501(c)3 Determination Letter, or any State or Federally issued document that includes your FEIN, Business Name, and Business Address.)

Organization Verification

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Step 2 - Organization Enrollment

Generally, the electronic services enrollment and direct deposit payroll will begin within 14 days. This information needs to be submitted by the payroll administrator (the contact person at your organization or another individual authorized to provide compensation details for all employees).

Information Needed To Complete This Step:

  • Authorized Enrollment Contact Information (Name, Phone, E-mail)
  • Church Bank Account Info
  • IRS/State/Local Tax ID Numbers & Deposit Schedule
  • Pay Schedule/First Projected Payday
  • Names/Types of Deductions/Contributions

Organization Enrollment Form

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Step 3 - Employee / Contractor

This online system is used for payroll enrollment for clergy, non-clergy, and contractors.  This information needs to be submitted by the church payroll administrator.  Please contact us if you are unsure of the employment status.

Information Needed To Complete This Form:

  • Worker Name, Address, SSN, Hire Date, Birth Date
  • Compensation line items
  • W-4/Clergy Optional Withholding Amounts
  • Deduction/Contribution amounts

Clergy Enrollment Form

A clergy employee must be ordained, licensed or commissioned by a religious body constituting a church or church denomination. This individual would have the authority to conduct religious worship, perform sacerdotal functions, if applicable, and administer ordinances or sacraments according to the prescribed tenets and practices of the church or denomination.  

If you are unsure if the employee qualifies for clergy status, please use the link below or contact our office for more information.

To verify clergy status, click here.

Non-Clergy Enrollment Form

A non-clergy employee is defined as having an ongoing relationship with the organization which includes a job description and compensation paid by the hour or salary.

  Contractor Enrollment Form

A contractor would have an irregular or intermittent relationship with the organization, would not receive an hourly wage or salary, does not have a written or implied job description, and paid by contract only. 

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Step 4: Direct Deposit

Add Employee / Contractor Direct Deposit Information

Information Needed To Complete This Form:

  • Worker Routing/Account Numbers

Direct Deposit Enrollment

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Step 5: Historical Compensation

If you have not paid wages so far this year or you’re starting your new payroll, skip to Step 6. If you have already paid employees this year, click the link below to submit your payroll history.

Payroll History

Due Date – The following information is due prior to Step 6 and scheduling your compliance review.

*If you have an online account with your previous provider, you could grant us access to that account and we may be able to obtain the necessary YTD payroll information, tax payments, and tax forms.

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Step 6: Schedule Payroll Review

You are now ready to schedule your Payroll Compliance Review. Please select an appointment category below based on the number of employees. The date of this appointment must be outside the two business days to allow time to complete the enrollment. 

During this compliance review, we’ll review all the information submitted, including the compensation structure for each employee to ensure payroll compliance. 

Schedule your Compliance Review > 
(1-15 employees)

Schedule your Compliance Review > 
(16+ employees)

After your Payroll Compliance Review, we will also schedule payroll training. This training will provide a full tutorial of our online system and processing of the first payroll together to ensure accuracy. (minimum of 3 business days before 1st payday).