Clergy Financial Resources is the leading provider of tax, payroll, bookkeeping, and HR solutions exclusively for religious organizations and clergy for over 43 years. We have unparalleled expertise on the complex issues associated with clergy tax law, clergy taxes, clergy compensation, and payroll and HR services. We have a very strong commitment to the religious community and an established reputation for quality products and year-round services. Churches and religious professionals are amazed at our depth of knowledge relating to clergy tax law and service. No matter where you reside, we are available to serve you.

Our greatest differentiator is our people. We value the variety of perspectives, talents, and experiences that come together and make it possible for Clergy Financial Resources to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

We believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, we are committed to providing close, personal attention. We take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive represents our commitment to excellence.

It is the mission of Clergy Financial Resources to offer superior service and support and  to clergy and religious organizations. Customer care and personalized service are our benchmarks of success. The service and satisfaction of every client is our first priority and we strive daily to achieve this acclaim. We earn a client’s trust through exceptional personalized service and always remaining compliant with the changes to the IRS tax code affecting the clergy.

We adhere to our core values and biblical principles. These values and principles represent what we are about and what we strive to be.

We are strategic advisors:

Our profession is in the midst of radical change, both driven and supported by technology. We have software that can automate that information for us. We are moving to advisory-based business models and working as tax and payroll strategists who advise clergy based on our depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise.

So, while yes, we do prepare and submit tax returns, we also help clergy make strategic decisions that positively impact their financial lives and help them plan for the future.

We save people money:

There is a portion of the population with simple tax situations who may benefit from do-it-yourself tax software. However, for most clergy, a professional tax advisor is much more cost-effective.

Most clergy are not keeping up-to-date on ever-evolving tax legislation, so our ability to understand how our client’s life experiences and tax situations impact their tax liability translates into significant tax savings. And, consider this: if we find just one significant deduction or tax credit, it can easily exceed the average fee for preparation.

We save people time:

The more complex an individual’s taxes are, the more time it takes them to file on their own. Investing in a professional tax ad advisor who is far more experienced gives clergy an optimal tax outcome in a fraction of the time.

Further, our more advanced software solutions have the ability to quickly scan information and organize line items and forms correctly. By letting us automate much of the data entry process, there’s less chance for human error that can jeopardize your return.

Additionally, by turning to an expert, clergy do not have to worry about wasting time understanding complicated legal issues, or trying to evaluate finances with limited experience. After all, their time is worth money too.

Long story short, anyone can drop numbers in software, but professional tax advisors have the ability to analyze a taxpayer’s situation, look for tax savings opportunities, and help them plan strategically for the future.