Church Payroll

Finally, A Payroll Company Designed for Churches

Selecting a payroll company may seem easy at first. The greatest challenge for the church in selecting a payroll company is finding someone who is truly qualified in clergy tax law and church payroll. Knowledge and experience are critical and ministry leaders must understand these challenges and recognize the need for industry specialists. Clergy Financial Resources has unparalleled expertise on complex issues associated with church payroll, clergy tax law, and clergy compensation.

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W-4 Instructions for Clergy
The W-4 form contains five steps. Not every step is applicable to every employee, so some sections might correctly remain blank. Step 1. Here, clergy and nonclergy would provides personal information. Make sure the name, address, and social security number entered match what Payroll has on file. This section also... Read More
What is an IRS payment plan?
What is an IRS payment plan? An IRS payment plan is an agreement you make directly with the IRS  to pay your federal tax bill over a certain amount of time. There are two kinds of IRS payment plans: short-term and long-term. Typically you'll make monthly payments to settle what... Read More
Which States Are Giving Out Tax Rebates?
Which States Are Giving Out Tax Rebates? The federal government is unlikely to send more Stimulus payments this year, but at least 17 states have issued or are in the process of sending out payments.  California Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers have agreed to send millions of Californians inflation... Read More
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