Bookkeeping for Churches

Do you find yourself spending more time and effort on daily accounting tasks and software issues rather than on making important decisions to run your church? Handling your own bookkeeping can quickly take over, letting other responsibilities fall through the cracks. Let Clergy Financial Resources help you get back on track by managing your bookkeeping allowing you to do what you do best and keep your ministry thriving.

Church bookkeeping is complicated. There are a lot of tasks, laws, forms, and calculations. With so many things to remember, it’s easy to make a mistake. You should not take bookkeeping errors lightly. 

You are probably not alone if the daily bookkeeping process is your most stressful time of the week. Whether you are the church bookkeeper, treasurer, or human resources professional, managing the church finances can be challenging. 

When it’s time to choose your bookkeeping provider, asking the right questions can help you choose the right partner for your church. Questions such as “Do you understand the church bookkeeping, chart of accounts, and designated funds?” These answers will help you determine whether the provider has in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges your church may be facing and whether they will help your church with its compliance challenges.

Selecting a company may seem easy at first. The greatest challenge for the church in selecting a company is finding someone who is truly qualified in church bookkeeping.  Knowledge and experience are critical and ministry leaders must understand these challenges and recognize the need for industry specialists.

We have unparalleled expertise on the complex issues associated with church bookkeeping, payroll, clergy tax law, and clergy compensation. Our qualified support and staff offer the church a valuable resource throughout the year. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

Finally, a company that understands church bookkeeping.

Clergy Financial Resources’ comprehensive bookkeeping services are designed to help you with every aspect of your church’s finances. We compile, process, and deliver timely and accurate financial information to help you develop ministry strategies. You can also gain financial and operational feedback to better understand how your church is performing.

To ensure your accounting is done accurately and efficiently our monthly services are outlined below.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

  • Bill Pay
  • Monthly reconciliations
  • Record Expense and Revenue
  • Designed Fund Mgmt
  • After the Fact Payroll Recording
  • Maintain a chart of accounts
  • Monitor fixed assets
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • GL Management
  • Benefit Balance Tracking

We view every client relationship like a partnership and truly believe our success is a result of our personal support and service. We are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients. We take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive represents our commitment to excellence.

For more information or if you prefer to make an appointment over the phone or need additional assistance, please use the contact information below.

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