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We want to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We value our partnership and are committed to provide you a superior experience. We value you as a customer, and want to make certain you are completely satisfied. We are very interested about the quality of your service received.

In support of this, we conduct customer surveys that allow you to provide feedback on our service and support and what we can do to improve going forward. Your thoughts are invaluable to us.

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Telephone: (763) 425-8778

| Phyllis | Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church – California

After 'firing' two payroll services I finally found CFR to handle payroll and HR for our church and child care center. What a relief to have a service who understands the unique needs of a church. And if I need to talk to a real person they are there to help.

| David | Northwest Community Church – North Carolina

We've had a great experience working with Clergy Financial. We had a mess with our previous payroll provider and needed to make a switch. I reached out to Clergy Financial to get an opinion on what needed to be done and they walked us step by step through the process. We're glad we made the switch for our payroll processor. We now have the added bonus of a group of people that have great experience with church & clergy finances who can advise our leadership staff on an organization and personal level.

| Tracye | Love Fellowship Christian Center – Alabama

Payroll has never been easier! Getting payroll done each week was a time-consuming task, but since allowing Clergy Financial Resources to manage this task for me, it has become a three-click, effortless task! Reviewing and submitting payroll takes only about two minutes and it is always done correctly. When I have any questions about anything, I call or Email CFR and receive a call back or Email response almost immediately. I am so thankful for this service and for the customer service that I receive as a client.

| Morgan | Oakbrook Church – Indiana

Oakbrook Church has been w/Clergy Financial for well over a year and the service has been A+. When I've had questions, knowledgeable people have gotten back with me very quickly. They did a great job of setting up our payroll which involved some tricky details since not all of our employees were paid on the same pay schedule before this transition. I love how end of year documents are available with a simple download. Great customer service, product and people.

| Robert | Orchard Group, INC – CA, CO, IL, NY, PA, TX

The staff at Clergy Financial is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They are an incredible resource, always willing to take calls and help with tax calculations and technical support. If they do not have the answer immediately, they work with us quickly to bring resolution to our issues. A huge thank you to CFR and their team.

| Paul | Agora - Minnesota

We use CFR for our payroll, and they do a wonderful job. Great benefit to have the peace of mind that all the little things are being tended to, so we can focus on the big picture.

| Errol | Virginia

This is the best service for clergy taxes that I have found. For years I used another service and was totally dissatisfied. CFR is an excellent resource. Their staff are extremely helpful along every step in the process and are very good for follow up. They have saved me a great deal of money and have been very responsive to any questions that I have had. I highly recommend this tax service.

| Jill | Minnesota

Nothing is more confusing than clergy taxes. This is why we're so thrilled to have such a responsive company like Clergy Financial to help us out. We've talked with Mark several times over the past few months, and he is always available and helpful. Our minds are at ease with Clergy Financial on our side!

| Matthew | Harbor Light Community Church - Michigan

I have worked with Clergy Financial the last 2 years with my personal tax filings. They have always been very helpful and knowledgeable.

| Ali | Minnesota

Clergy Financial helped our family immensely, especially with questions in our first year of being taxed as 'clergy'! They were quick to respond to questions, eased our stress, and were very flexible and easy to work with! Highly Recommended!

| Andy | River Glen Christian Church - Wisconsin

I recommend CFR to all my co-workers and other clergy. Whether it's tax prep, withholdings, payroll or other IRS questions, they're very helpful.

| Clark | Connecticut

I have been a pastor for almost 30 years and have been with Clergy Financial Resources for 29 of those years! They were great to work when I lived in Minnesota and they have been great to work with since I moved to Connecticut 16 years ago. They have helped me through the tax code with a young family; with relocations, with the college years; with house purchases, and with the dreaded correspondence with the IRS. Mark and his team are professional, courteous and helpful. They understand the tax code and specifically clergy tax code! With Clergy Financial's help I have met my obligations and maximized my savings! I would recommend Clergy Financial Resources to every pastor.

| Hollie | Calvary Chapel Fellowship - Oregon

Wonderful company to work with. I especially appreciate the quick and personal follow-up to all my questions!

| Janel | - Minnesota

Working with Mark for four tax seasons has been easy and painless. He leaves time in our appointments to ask questions and consider options for the next year's planning. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

| Les | Minnesota

Having been using CFR to do my taxes for about 25 years. They are most helpful, accommodating, easy to work with, and accurate. I couldn't do my taxes without them, and highly recommend them.

| Paul | Illinois

I've been using Clergy Financial since I was ordained over 3 years ago and have been extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism found there. Our tax guy, Mark, has been friendly and easy to work with, and has answered every question we've had in a very timely manner.

| Ray | Oregon

Clergy finances are not easy to navigate but Clergy Financial has helped me make sure my taxes were done right and within the tax laws since 1988 when I was first ordained. They have always been very helpful and responsive to me when I have had tax questions. A wonderful resource.

| Tom | Shiloh International - California

After trying other financial services finding CFR has been a blessing. Handling of payroll has allowed me to not have the anxiety I was experiencing with other service organizations. Thanks for the confidence I can have that everything is being done in proper order.

| Clyde | Uptown Baptist Church - Ilinois

Josh Friesen and Mark Friesen are excellent at what they do. We have been their clients for payroll services for a few years and they have provided sage advice for different scenarios our church has encountered.

| David | Journey Life Church - Michigan

Awesome Staff and awesome people who are willing to help with whatever you need! Highly recommended!

| Marie | Epic Church – Alabama

The staff at Clergy Financial Resources have always been very helpful. They are knowledgeable about clergy payroll, taxes, housing allowances, fringe benefits, and other circumstances that are unique to church finances. They are always quick to respond to calls and emails. They go above and beyond what is expected, offering exceptional customer service.  The website is good but not as exceptional as the staff at Clergy Financial Resources. 

| Charles | Bellevue Community Church – Nebraska

I have used Clergy Financial's Church Payroll service for almost 6 months. Their payroll support is easy to use and a time saver for me. The people I worked with to set up the payroll service were very helpful in addressing a unique issue with our pastor. They were knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. I have been treasurer of a church in Bellevue, Nebraska for over 30 years. Church and clergy tax law is constantly changing and it is impossible to keep up. I rely on Clergy Financial to inform me of changes in the law that affect my church. The cost of their service is affordable to our small church.

| Tony | Minnesota

I've been using Clergy Financial for over a decade. I have very complicated taxes that includes multiple 1099s for clergy income, alimony and child support payments, housing allowance, and more, yet Mark and the CFR team have conquered every challenge. They even helped me through an audit.

| Ryan | California

They have been such a blessing! From their tax preparation worksheet to their attention to detail, I have been nothing but pleased for the 3 years I've used their services. Highly recommend!

| Judy | Church of God of Prophecy Regional Office – Oregon

We are thankful for your service. We had such bad service with our last payroll company. Now our checks are always on time, you have a variety of reports and they are just what we need, you are always available if we have a question or need more information, we never have to wonder if the government monies are being paid for us. What a relief!

| Tyler | Wisconsin

Love Clergy Financial, they help me feel confident in my tax preparation each year and allow me to focus more on my ministry!