Clergy Financial Resources is an national tax, payroll and HR organization serving churches and clergy in 50 states. We have a very strong commitment to the religious community, and an established reputation for quality products and year-around services specializing in fully computerized federal and state tax preparation of individual returns.

Ministers are treated differently under the tax code than virtually anybody else in the country. They have advantages and disadvantages that no one else has. The reason for this unique treatment is that their employment situation is very different than most other people.

Our goals and objectives are to teach some basic principles and techniques to provide technical guidance, to determine the eligible tax deductions that clergy are not utilizing at this time, to help reduce and minimize their tax liability and to inform them of different ways of becoming a better steward of their money.

As trusted financial advisers we can work as partners, offering valuable advice on all your tax and financial needs. Along with a tradition of serving clergy with competence, integrity and objectivity. Our clergy tax professional possess the up-to-the-minute skills and training needed to translate increasingly complex information into information critical to making informed decisions. If you haven’t already used our services, it’s time to find out more about how our highly trained practitioners can expand your financial horizons. They can help you make sense of a changing and complex world.

Not only do our clergy tax professionals prepare tax returns for clergy but they also help you chart and implement tax strategies.

Since 1980, more clergy have trusted Clergy Financial Resources than any other service to help them save money at tax time. We’ll give your taxes the personal, confidential, professional attention they deserve. Try us and see.

As with any great team, the mission of Clergy Financial Resources, Clergy Tax Net, Clergy Financial Management, and Clergy Financial Mortgage has been and will continue to be dedicated to meeting the unique tax and finance needs of today’s religious professional.

No matter where you reside, we are available to serve you. We look forward to working with you in the future.