Hunting for a New Ministry Position Could Help Cut Taxes

Your search for new work in the ministry must be in the same field in which you’re currently or were formerly employed. Seminary graduates are out of luck. The costs you incur in getting your first job aren’t deductible, because the tax law only allows you to write off expenses incurred in searching for another…

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Appeals Court Rejects Multiple Housing Allowance Decision

On Wednesday February 8, 2012, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta overturned a decision made by the United State Tax Court(Commissioner vs. Driscoll) regarding the ability for a clergy to claim more than one home as a housing allowance tax exclusion. In May 2010, a United State Tax Court finalized a ruling, from…

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Health Care Information on my W-2?

When you get your 2011 W-2, you might notice some new information on the form. Box 12 is where the church will report the cost of your group health insurance coverage. This amount is both the amount the church pays as well as the premiums paid via payroll deductions. The amount, which will be designated…

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