Ministry Expense App to Help You Track Your Receipts.

Shoeboxed (iOS, Android, Web) is a beautiful app that does one thing really well: It collects receipts. With Shoeboxed, you can easily snap pictures of receipts and the app extracts the vendor, total amount, payment method, date and also categorizes into the most common tax categories. More than 1 million businesses use Shoeboxed to scan and organize their receipts…

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What if I Stop at the Hospital During My Commute?

Question: If I drive my personal car from my home to the hospital and then to the church office, what part of that drive is eligible for the standard mileage rates? My church says that the total miles of the trip should be added and then the usual commute miles from home to office should…

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When Are Vehicle Registration Fees Deductible?

According to the IRS, vehicle registration fees are classified as a personal property tax—that is, a state or local tax charged on personal property, based on the value of the personal property (as opposed to weight or other characteristics) and assessed on a yearly basis (even if it’s collected more or less than once per…

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