Churches want to acknowledge the hard work of their employees and volunteers, so they frequently give gifts around the Holidays. Many of these holiday gifts fall into the category of “De Minimis Fringe Benefits”.

In IRS terms, a “De Minimis Fringe Benefit” is a benefit with a value too small or too difficult to value. For example, if you bring donuts and coffee to the office, the IRS won’t expect you to estimate the value of each individual donut, or to track the value of how much coffee each employee drinks. It’s just too difficult to do.

Meals or low-value infrequent gifts like a small turkey can fall into the “De Minimis” category and do not need to be reported. While small, infrequent gifts don’t need to be tracked, many Churches run into problems when they start handing out gift cards.

De Minimis Fringe Benefits can never include gift cards. You can’t say that the value of a gift card is too difficult to track because you already know the value- A $20 gift card is worth $20. If you give an employee a $20 gift card, you also have to report that $20 as compensation on their W-2. The same is true with cash. If you pay a holiday bonus in cash to employees, that needs to be reported to IRS as taxable income.

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