Check the Company’s History

Ask the Better Business Bureau about the preparer.

Clergy Financial Resources has been the leading provider of tax, payroll and HR solutions exclusively for religious organizations and clergy for over 37 years. BBB has provided us the highest available rating of A+.

Ask about Service Fees

Avoid preparers who base fees on a percentage of the refund or who boast bigger refunds than their competition.

There are no fee schedules common to our profession. Fees are based on time required to perform services, the type of services required, and the level of expertise and the complexity of the work. Different types of services command different rates because of the expertise level of the people who perform them. Our tax services are structured uniquely for clergy by bundling two services together, Clergy Support and tax preparation.

Ask to E-file

Taxpayers should make sure their preparer offers IRS e-file.

Clergy Financial Resources is required to e-file due to the large number of returns filed each year.

Make Sure the Preparer is Available

Taxpayers may want to contact their preparer after this year’s April 18 due date. Avoid fly-by-night preparers.

Clergy Financial Resources provides tax services and support for clergy all year around.

Provide Records and Receipts

Good preparers will ask to see a taxpayer’s records and receipts. They’ll ask questions to figure the total income, tax deductions, credits, etc.

Clergy Financial Resources publishes the Clergy Tax Organizer which is a specially designed organizer to be used as a learning tool, a reference guide, and a source of helpful recordkeeping.  The Clergy Tax Organizer is required and will be the primary source of data used to complete your return. The Clergy Tax Organizer is your assurance that you won’t miss any important tax information and is the most comprehensive organizer available to clergy. The Internal Revenue Service has recognized this organizer as one of the most thorough available.

Never Sign a Blank Return

Don’t use a tax preparer who asks a taxpayer to sign a blank tax form.

During the final stage of completion, a copy of your individual tax return would be posted to your CyberCabinet for you to review and retain for your records.

Review Before Signing

Before signing a tax return, review it. Ask questions if something is not clear. Taxpayers should feel comfortable with the accuracy of their return before they sign it. They should also make sure that their refund goes directly to them – not to the preparer’s bank account. Review the routing and bank account number on the completed return.

Clergy Financial Resources suggests that you examine the return carefully to fully acquaint yourself with all the items contained within your return to insure that there are no omissions or misstatements. If all the reported information is correct, we would continue to e-file your return.

Does Your Preparer Understands Clergy Tax Law, Clergy W-2 Forms, and Compensation Packages?

Clergy Financial Resources has an unparalleled tax expertise on the complex issues associated with clergy tax law, clergy tax preparation, clergy compensation, and church payroll and HR Solutions. No matter where you reside, we are available to serve you.

We believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, we are committed to providing close, personal attention. We take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive represents our commitment to excellence.

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