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Selecting a payroll company may seem easy at first. However, a closer look at the effort, cost, liabilities, education, and ongoing training reveals some potential challenges. The greatest challenge for the church in selecting a payroll company is finding someone who is truly qualified in clergy tax law and church payroll.  Knowledge and experience is critical and ministry leaders must understand these challenges and recognize the need for industry specialists.

Changing payroll companies and finding the right fit can be a hassle . We have the know-how and experience to take care of everything involved with switching payroll companies, from working with you to collect the necessary paperwork to balancing your year-to-date payroll data.

For more information or if you prefer to make an appointment over the phone or need additional assistance, please contact us at (888) 421-0101 or cfr@clergyfinancial.com.

In order to qualify for three months of payroll service for 25 cents, the church must complete the payroll enrollment and start payroll by January 31, 2018.  Eligible churches must have 1-50 employees.  This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions and only available to new clients. This promotion applies to all features of standard payroll processing invoiced on your regular monthly cycle and does not include additional non-payroll services i.e. time clock or HR services. After the promotion period, payroll pricing will be based the frequency, size and services guaranteed for 12 months.

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