Save Time and Money
Dramatically decreases the time the church staff or volunteers are needed to management the church payroll. Compared to your current costs (including cost of labor), we can provide you with significant saving in your payroll processing.The basic monthly fee starting as low as $50 per month. This fee covers everything for the church and employee, including:

  • Free direct deposit
  • 12 month pricing guarantee
  • Clergy tax and payroll experts available live support by phone, chat or email
  • Set-up and enrollment is a breeze
  • No extra charge for 941 payroll reporting
  • No extra charge for year-end W2 forms
  • Employees can view or print their pay stubs or payroll history online
  • Staff training
  • We guarantee accurate tax calculations
  • Risk-Free 6 month money back guarantee
  • Full service tax management, including filing and paying federal, state, and local taxes
  • Personal church and clergy payroll account executive
  • Church and employee online payroll account 24/7
  • Church HR Support Online

Our payroll solutions are affordably priced for churches of all sizes. Our basic package is designed for churches with only 1 employee.

Manage payroll through your PC
You can submit your payroll data directly online at your convenience.

Peace of mind
We ensure your payroll meets taxation regulations, including the special W-2 reporting rules for clergy. This reduces the risk and liabilities for your church.

Have clergy tax experts to guide you
When you need to speak to someone, our clergy payroll and tax specialists understand your special needs.

Church HR Support Online
Church HR Support Online is a web-based HR resource that will assist you with a very critical aspect of your organization – your people. The objective of Church HR Support Online is to help you become more successful by providing easily accessible solutions to your largest HR challenges.

Direct Deposit
We calculate your paychecks instantly. Pay employees with our free direct deposit. Employees can print their pay stubs directly from their personal online payroll account.

Accounting Integrations
Seamlessly sync your payroll with your accounting software.

Contractor Payments
Pay independent contractors and automatically generate and file Form 1099 at the end of the year.

Live Support
We love helping our customers! Collaborate with a clergy tax and payroll advisor to maintain compliance.

Payroll Reports
Understand your payroll. Review detailed costs reports, payroll journals, and bank transactions statements.

Pay your employee reimbursements at the same time that you run payroll. Included in their direct deposit.

Employee Accounts
Give your employees direct access to their paystubs, forms and information.

Tax Calculations & Payments
We creates and electronically files your State & Federal payroll tax documents (including end of the year forms such as W-2 Forms).

Vacation & Sick Days
Track and report individual employee PTO plans.

With Online Time Tracking, save time for the employee to track their own hours

  • Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime)
  • Reduce compliance risks by applying state & federal overtime and double time rules
  • Fully integrated with payroll so you never have to calculate or re-enter hours
  • Easily review and adjust hours to fix mistakes
  • Time clock authentication to prevent employee abuse
  • Flexible options
    • Online timesheets on a password protected and/or
    • Multi-user online time clock where employees can clock in and out

Worker’s Comp
We help you set up a workers’ compensation insurance plan that works best for you which integrates with our system and eliminates the quarterly and annual reports.