Audit Protection Plus

Tax and correspondence audits with the tax authorities have become an expensive inconvenience. Each year the IRS, or your state, selects certain tax returns to examine. If your tax return is selected, you may incur considerable expense even if the audit reveals that it isn’t necessary to change your return.

Clergy Financial Resources now offers Audit Protection Plus which is billed at a low annual fee of just $95.00. This insurance protects you from the large costs of tax return corrections, required correspondence, tax examinations by mail, and direct audits. Audit Protection Plus will spare you the high cost of representation during an audit, which can often exceed $2,500.00. 

Our trusted tax advisors are specialists in clergy tax preparation and are ready to help when you need it most. We will always do our best to advise you on maintaining and organizing your financial records so that, if you are faced with an audit, you can be confident the process will be as pain-free as possible. While audits can be stressful and worrisome, if you have your financial records organized, they can be much less so.

With Audit Protection Plus, if the IRS or state contacts you in reference to any type of correction or required correspondence, tax examinations by mail or direct audits, we will contact and negotiate with the taxing authorities at no additional cost. Audit Protection Plus covers any and all costs associated with your return, prior to the appeals level, including any correspondence. This service does not include the cost of a tax advisor to attend the audit.

Tax audits are a stressful happenstance; a situation that we would all prefer to avoid. Though audits are rare, they do happen. If you are facing an audit, having Audit Protection Plus will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure a pain-free audit experience.

Audit Protection Plus is designed to shield you from the unexpected costs that an audit may incur. Audit Protection Plus insurance will safeguard your resources from tax correction fees, direct audit costs, and many other charges related to your audit. It will also provide you with access to expert tax advice from the advisors at Clergy Financial Resources, so you will always have a place to go for answers to any questions that come to mind.

Preparation and Negotiation

If you have received notice of an impending audit, it is important that you are organized and prepared prior to the start of any proceedings. Clergy Financial Resources is your source for trusted tax advice and will help you with all of your pre-audit preparations including:

  • Interpreting your IRS correspondence
  • Advising on the audit process and what to expect
  • Preparing documentation as requested by the IRS
  • Comprehensive review of current and previous returns
  • Negotiation and dialogue with state and federal tax authorities

Audit Protection Plus covers all pre-appeal costs related to your return and can include:

  • Access to specialized clergy tax expertise
  • Assistance in preparing for your audit
  • Guidance and support throughout the process
  • Pre-appeal costs and fees
  • Coverage for miscellaneous charges that may be incurred, including:
    • Correspondence fees
    • Assessments
    • Tax examinations by mail
    • Corrections/changes to your return
    • Direct audits


If Clergy Financial Resources prepared your tax return and it is audited or otherwise found to be incorrect, with a balance owing as a result of our error, we will gladly provide credit for any penalties or interest you are required to pay as a result of the assessment (excluding any additional tax owing).

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*Annual fee does not include attendance at the audit itself. Please contact us directly if you need a clergy tax advisor to be present during the audit.

If you are audited, or receive a notice from the IRS or your state, it is important to contact your tax advisor within 30 days to prepare for the audit.