Top Ten Tax Questions of a New Call

The proposed salary package will normally represent the previous pastor’s salary package or the guidelines set by your organization. Please evaluate the list of questions below to determine if your compensation package includes the following:

  1. Does the church provide a social security allowance? 7.65% of salary and housing.
  2. Does the church provide for the supplemental medical insurance?
  3. Does the church provide a 100% professional accountable reimbursement plan?
  4. Does the church provide a Housing Equity program?
  5. Can I allocate my salary package to meet IRS guidelines?
  6. Does the church provide a housing allowance?
  7. What is the Fair Rental Value of the parsonage, manse, rectory?
  8. Does the church pay the utilities for the parsonage, manse, or rectory?
  9. How do I calculate and pay my quarterly estimated payments?
  10. Does the church have a cafeteria plan?