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Researching a clergy tax, payroll or HR issue on your own takes time and can leave you wondering if you’ve got the right answer. Turn to Clergy Financial Resources to save time, get the correct answers. .
Ministers are treated differently under the tax code than virtually anybody else in the country. They have advantages and disadvantages that no one else has. Often, confusion exists concerning clergy compensation, deductions and expenses. Our clergy tax professionals can sort out the complexity of clergy tax law. We will research and answer your questions and do all the tedious work that eats up your valuable time.
Most callers want answers to specific questions on tax returns or interpretations of new laws. Some already know the answer and just want verification, while others want guidance on where to look for clarification on what they are reading. We can provide just what you’re looking for.
When you have a question, just submit the question via our secure online system. Our full-time staff will answer your questions throughout the year.




Tax, Payroll & HR Support for Churches and Clergy

  1. Our standard support is for the church or individual looking for a quick answer via telephone. This standard service is available at a rate of $75.00 per question. 
  2. Our premium support is for the church or individual looking for a telephone conversation regarding the topic and a detailed email answer including research references. This premium service is available at a rate of $185.00 per question.