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Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are a type of Medical Reimbursement Plan. Health FSAs are one way for employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses, such as doctor visit copays, vision expenses, and prescription drug costs. FSAs are established by employers and are (usually) 100% employee funded.

The Health FSA reduces payroll taxes for both the church and the employee making it a popular benefit option. Qualifying Health Flexible Spending Account expenses include but not limited too: Vision Expenses including Glasses and Contacts, Health Plan Deductibles Rx – Prescription Drugs, Health Plan Co-Payments, Orthodontic Procedures, Chiropractic, Dental Charges, Blood Work, X-ray, and other Qualifying Medical Expense.

Read more about how FSAs work in this IRS publication (PDF).

Health FSA plan includes:

Resolution to Adopt a Plan- Includes minutes of the meeting to adopt the HRA Plan as an employee benefit. Plan Document – Plan Documents are personally prepared for each church and kept on file for review for IRS, etc. 

HRA Summary Plan Description (SPD) – Explains the Plan Purpose, Who is Eligible, How To Enroll, etc. in easy to read language. Also includes all information required by the Internal Revenue regarding the Plan Year Start and End Dates, Agent for Legal Service, Fed. ID#, and information regarding COBRA, FMLA, and required DOL information.

Election and Claim Form – Personalized for your church, it will include the Election Agreement and Claim Form to submit bills to the church for reimbursement.

Administrative Handbook – Includes sections on  Administration, Non-Discrimination Testing, and Reporting and Disclosure information. 

Read more about how FSAs work in this IRS publication (PDF).

Here’s what will happen next: 

Step 1: Complete the enrollment form below Step 2: A benefit plan advisor will review your questionnaire for completeness.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment to finalize your plan.

Once the review is complete, we’ll prepare your Plan Document, SPD, Forms, helpful guides, and easy-to-follow signing instructions.


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