2020-2021 Clergy Tax Law Short-Course – PDF Download


This comprehensive reference guide provides information on clergy compensation, salary package design, employee vs. self-employed, accountable reimbursement plans, professional expenses, love gifts, housing allowance plus much more.



The Clergy Tax Law Short-Course is perfect for first-call clergy just coming out of seminary or clergy that have been preaching for decades. This book discusses clergy tax law in layman’s terms without the confusing jargon. The book features topics including:

  • What’s new this year
  • Employed vs self-employed
  • Income vs benefits
  • Deduction vs Exclusions
  • Allowance vs reimbursement
  • Social security tax
  • Housing Equity Plans
  • Building your salary package
  • Taxable income
  • Housing/parsonage allowance
  • Reimbursement plans
  • Professional expenses
  • Tax record keeping
  • Opting out of social security
  • Ways to reduce your overall tax liability