Webinar – Church Payroll Reporting


Clergy Financial Resources would like to invite you to a webinar designed to teach the best method for payroll reporting for the church. The webinar is designed for clergy who are interested in recognizing new ways to minimize their own tax liability, in addition to, gaining a better understanding of the current tax laws that affect clergy today. Each webinar will be led by a clergy tax professional and will last between 45 to 60 minutes based on the level of discussion during the session.

Time: One-to-One | Contact Office To Schedule
Topics: Church Payroll Reporting

Who Should Attend:

• Clergy 
• Associate Pastors
• Youth Pastors
• Seminary Students
• Lay Leaders
• Church Employees

What You Will Learn:

• Church Payroll Requirements
• Clergy W2 Forms
• Taxable and Nontaxable Income for Clergy
• Employee vs Self-Employed
• 941 Reporting
• and more…

Education level: Basic

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Clergy Financial Resources would like to invite you to attend any of our webinars which are designed specifically to meet the tax and financial needs of today’s churches and clergy.