2024 Housing Guide – PDF Download


The “Housing Allowance Exclusion” allows Clergy to exclude a portion of their income from Federal income tax in order to pay for housing. This results in less taxable income and less income tax. The “Housing Allowance Exclusion” is one of the biggest and best tax benefits currently available to Clergy, but it is also one of the most frequently misapplied.

This housing allowance guide provides following information:

  • Housing Allowance Eligibility
  • Different Types of Allowances
  • What Expenses Qualify
  • What expenses do not qualify?
  • Substantiating expenses
  • Designating a Housing Allowance
  • How do I designate part of my salary as a Housing Allowance?
  • How do I amend my Housing Allowance?
  • Are there restrictions on how often or when I can change my
  • Housing Allowance?
  • Housing Allowance Limitations
  • What is the Fair Rental Value of a Property?
  • How do I calculate the Fair Rental Value of my Home?
  • Housing / Manse / Parsonage Worksheet
  • Housing / Manse / Parsonage Annual Form




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