2021 Church & Clergy Tax Guide


Find comprehensive help understanding United States tax laws as they relate to pastors and churches with Richard Hammar’s 2021 Church & Clergy Tax Guide. Tax law in general is highly complex and ever-changing. Add to that the many unique rules that apply to church and clergy and you’re set up for a challenging task that requires an expert’s guidance. The guide helps clergy:

Prepare 2020 tax returns
Understand tax laws
Correctly report federal income taxes and social security taxes
Distinguish relevant exemptions
Reduce tax liability
The guide helps church treasurers, board members, bookkeepers, attorneys, CPA’s, and tax practitioners:

Navigate the CARES ACT
Define “income” for the church
Handle and report employee business expenses
Understand the substantiation rules that apply to charitable contributions and designated contributions
Grasp federal tax reporting requirements that apply to churches and church employees
Beyond help preparing annual tax returns ministers, churches, and their advisers find the guide indispensable throughout the year with in-depth coverage on:

Charitable contributions
Clergy retirement plans
Social Security taxes
Church reporting requirements
Housing allowance
Business-expense reimbursements

Known as the most comprehensive, accurate yet easy-to-understand tax guide available for church leaders you will find yourself regularly referencing key topics, charts, sample forms, and real-life illustrations for all your tax and legal questions.

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