2021 Audit Protection Plus


Clergy Financial Resources now offers Audit Protection Plus at a low rate of $95.00 per year, regular $149.00. This insurance protects you from the large costs of tax return corrections, required correspondence, and tax examinations by mail, and direct audits.

Tax audits and correspondence with the tax authorities have become an expensive inconvenience. Each year the IRS or your state selects certain tax returns to examine. If your 2021 return is selected, you may incur considerable expense even if the audit reveals that it is necessary to change your return. Most taxpayers faced with an IRS or state audit choose to have representation in their dealings with the IRS or state during the audit. This representation can cost you $1,000 or more.

If the IRS or state contacts you in reference to any type of correction or required correspondence, tax examinations by mail, or direct audits, we will contact and negotiate with the tax authorities at no additional cost. This annual fee will cover any and all costs associated with your 2021 return, prior to the appeals level, including any and all correspondence. This service does not include the cost of a professional advisor to attend the audit. 

If you are audited or receive a notice from the IRS or your state, it is important to contact your professional advisor to prepare for the audit. Clergy Financial Resources will complete such pre-audit tasks such as:

Reading and understanding the IRS letter 
Researching the applicable IRS audit guidelines 
Gathering and organizing receipts or other documentation 
Reviewing prior returns that could affect the audit 
Contact and negotiate with the tax authorities

Without Audit Protection Plus, all audit or correspondence services will be billed at $185.00 per hour. With Audit Protection Plus, if a tax return we prepared is audited by the IRS or your state and you pay additional tax as a result of our error, we will credit your account for any penalties you pay in connection with, or as a result, of the additional tax.

The deadline to enroll is December 31, 2022.



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