Download and Print W-2 Forms

How to Download and Print W-2 Forms in Patriot Software

Optional:  Before you download and print your W-2s, you can run the Employee W-2 Summary Report to view the amounts for each employee to confirm everything is correct.

  • Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > W-2 Forms.
  • Select the year. 
  • You may have up to two options when selecting which W-2s to download:
    • Create W-2s only for employees with no electronic consent.  This will produce a PDF containing W-2s only for those employees who have not consented to receive an electronic copy of their W-2 in their employee portal.  For more details, see Employee Consent for Electronic W-2s.
    • Create W-2s for selected employees.  If you need to download all or selected employee W-2s, choose this option and select the employees in the dropdown list.
  • Select your PDF Layout Option.  You have two options for printing W-2 Forms:
    • Option 1: Use Blank Paper
    • Option 2: Use Blank 4-Up Perforated Forms
    • For details explaining the difference between these two print options, see W-2 Print Options in Patriot Software.
  • Click “Create W-2s.” A PDF document will download on your computer, showing the W-2 forms in the format you selected, for the employees you selected.
  • Load either your blank printer paper or perforated blank forms in your printer, depending on your PDF layout selection.
  • Print W-2 forms from the PDF document.  We recommend you save this document to your computer so you can reprint W-2s if needed.

W-2 Forms