Tax and Payroll Advisor

Welcome to the CFR Family

Clergy Financial Resources is excited to announce the addition of a new staff member to our team, Andrew Drazkowski, just in time for the 2019 Tax Season. We’ve hired Andrew as a payroll and tax advisor. His main responsibilities as we head through this season will be completing 1040 returns. He will be working closely with Mark and Josh to ensure our clients get their returns completed quickly and accurately in the days ahead. Andrew will also be assisting with other projects as needed as the 2019 tax season ramps up. Please help us welcome Andrew to the Clergy Financial team!

Andrew was born in Plymouth, Minnesota and attended High School at Wayzata High School (Go Trojans!). After graduating, Andrew attended the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse and graduated with a four-year Bachelor’s degree with a Major in English and a Minor in Psychology. Andrew then spent eight and a half years working for the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax Collector as well as a Tax Manager, gaining invaluable experience and insight about how the tax process works and learning how to research and interpret tax law.

After deciding that the IRS was not his true calling in life, Andrew leveraged his tax experience to work in the private sector, primarily focusing on the preparation of individual 1040 and small business returns. He also obtained an enrolled agent license to represent clients in front of IRS Collections. Andrew finds that he prefers the personal experience of helping clients meet their tax obligations over the impersonal process of collecting taxes with the IRS.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys reading, watching old movies, attempting to fix the various problems with his house, and spoiling his dog.