Enrollment Timeline

Please find below an estimated timeline for your Synod’s payroll enrollment. 

Step 1:
Complete Synod Enrollment Form (Due: 12/10/15)

Step 2 & 3:
Submit Employee/Contractor & Direct Deposit Information (Due 12/15/15)

Step 4
Payroll Compliance Review (At least 1 week before 1st Payday)

During the Payroll Compliance Review we will schedule a Payroll System Training (at least 3 business days before 1st Payday). During this training, we will provide a full tutorial of our online system and process the first payroll together.

Step 1: Synod Enrollment

By completing the form at the link below, Clergy Financial Resources will begin the electronic services enrollment for your Synod. 

Synod Enrollment

Step 2: Employee / Contractor Information

Use the links below to add employees/contractors to your payroll account:

Clergy Employee Enrollment         |          Non-Clergy Employee Enrollment         |          Independent Contractor Enrollment


Step 3: Direct Deposit

Pay your employees/contractors via direct deposit. 

Add Direct Deposit Information

Step 4: Schedule a Compliance Review

Once the enrollment forms above have been submitted, pleases schedule a Payroll Compliance Review. During this telephone appointment, Clergy Financial Resources will review the information submitted to ensure there are not IRS compliance issues. 

Schedule a Compliance Review