Employee Handbook and Policies Development

We'll build you a custom employee handbook and walk you through it step-by-step.

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Pro Advisor Support

Need some help with an HR issue? Ask our Pros. You have unlimited access with HR On-Demand.

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Customize HR Documents

Our HR Pros can create or customize HR Forms, letters, tools, and other documents for your business.

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Wage and Hour

If employees are paid a salary, what resources can help me determine if they are exempt from overtime pay?

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Clergy & Church Support

Having trouble finding what you need? Please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

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FLSA Overtime Decision Making Guide

This comprehensive booklet details changes and what policies employers should update to comply.

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Ideally suited for growing organizations that require assistance and support from an HR professional but cannot afford to hire a Human Resources Professional even on a part time basis.  As little as $50 per month you can tap into the knowledge and experience of our HR professional.  With HR OnDemand our HR Professionals are available to assist and support you with:

  • Addressing situational questions with respect to employment compliance or personnel issues.
  • Customizing HR documents. Our HR Professional will create / or customize your HR documents, and review existing ones for potential compliance concerns.
  • Creating a custom Employee Handbook.  Schedule a consultation with our Human Resources Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and plan for implementation.

HR On-Demand provides unlimited phone and electronic support provided by a dedicated team of certified human resource professionals with years of experience. The HR Professionals will provide you with on-demand answers to employee relationship and law compliance questions, unlimited document customization of forms, letters, and job descriptions, employee handbook development, clergy and employee HR questions and more! This does not require you to enroll in our payroll service and can be purchase separately. Start utilizing this valuable service right away. Click here to enroll in HR Support On-Demand.

Consult with HR Specialists

HR Support On-Demand offers a dedicated HR professional, available to work with you and your employees on employee management and compliance issues. Imagine the ability to bring an experienced HR professional to your office—someone you can call on whenever you HR related questions? Our highly trained HR specialists are available to provide support for your specific HR issues.

Your on-demand HR representative will be available to work with you, your managers, and your employees to provide hands-on guidance throughout the employment cycle and beyond, including assistance with:

  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Employee benefits orientation
  • Employee training
  • Annual enrollments
  • Employee termination
  • Online HR resources
  • Workplace safety
  • Regulatory and legal compliance issues
  • Affordable Care Act and reporting

Upgrade to Custom Employee Handbook & Documents

We work with you to help write a handbook that implements your specific policies.

Whether your biggest HR challenges are managing employee information or staying compliant with ever-changing employment law, you can rely on your partnership with Clergy Financial Resources.